Research to provide empirical and theoretical evidence for promoting sustainable environmental policy through global and local studies in Sweden and various developing countries. A particular focus is on vulnerable groups and poverty alleviation, as well as emphasizing the gender perspective. Teaching to help with capacity-building throughout the EfD network.

Major areas of contribution

EfD-Sweden’s research covers a range of topics in environmental economics. Applications are global, Swedish, European, or focused on the Global South. Our primary focus is on a) policy instrument design, b) valuation: experimental and behavioral studies of stated preferences. We also work on numerous other issues including risk valuation in financial markets, climate-economic modeling, policy evaluation and simulation, and various sectoral studies of industry, energy sector, transports, and natural resources.


The Environmental Economics Unit (EEU) at the University of Gothenburg is the Swedish node of the EfD, located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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