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EfD Central America

A unique research and education center in Central America

Since 2007, EfD-Central America (EfD-CA) seeks to contribute to human well-being through the sustainable management of the environment. To this end, we develop relevant scientific research on environmental economics, contribute with evidence to the design of public policies and finally, strengthen the capacities of various actors interested in using the economics perspective to solve the most urgent environmental problems of the region. 

Our strategic work lines

EfD-CA develops its research on: 

  1. Design and evaluation of economic incentive policies for ecosystem conservation and sustainable agriculture
    We develop the socio-economic analysis of conservation and restoration policies as well as the design, evaluation, and implementation of payments for environmental services (PES), water funds and other financial mechanisms. 
  2. Economics of climate change
    We analyze the socio-economic dimension of climate change. We support the development of strategies and policies for adaptation, transformation towards green economies and the analysis of economic impacts on rural livelihoods. 
  3. Economic valuation of ecosystem services
    We apply methodologies to assess the economic costs and benefits associated with interventions in terrestrial and coastal ecosystems, applications in cost-benefit exercises of natural-based investment, and the design of financial mechanisms. 
  4. Local governance of water for human consumption and irrigation
    We improve access to water and the sustainability of water service providers in rural and peri-urban areas through strengthening the capacities of local actors, associativity and the development of scientific research applied to local governance and community participation in the local management of shared resources. 
  5. Marine-coastal areas: governance and blue economy
    We develop efforts to support countries in the implementation of blue economy concepts. Also, we lead the Sustainable Management of Coastal Marine Resources (CMaR): creating a pathway to impact in the Global South, which includes India, Tanzania, Chile, Vietnam, South Africa, and our Central America region. 

Coastal areas

Our center's team

We are a firmly committed multi-country and multidisciplinary team. The work is based on the five strategic lines: the publication in prestigious scientific journals, the advice of master's and doctoral students, teaching, research funding, and the support to local and national governments, among others. 

As a center, we also emphasize supporting poverty alleviation and sustainable development through increased use of environmental economics capacity in policymaking processes. By strengthening the understanding of the causes and consequences of human decisions, EfD-CA provides key inputs for policymakers in Central America. 



Contact information

CATIE Headquarters 7170, Turrialba 30501,
Costa Rica
+506 2558 2174