Highly certified postgraduate education on environmental economics

M.Sc Program on Economics, Development and Climate Change and other academic programs outside CATIE

This master's program started almost 20 years ago at CATIE under the name of M.Sc. on Environmental Socioeconomics. Since 2007,  nearly 100 students from different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have graduated. 

The program is specially designed to offer unique and comprehensive training in a field of increasing demand for professionals with interdisciplinary academic formation. It aims to prepare our students with the necessary scientific and technical tools for critically analyze of the different relationships between economic development and climate change. 

One of the most appealing characteristics of this program is the strong interconnection between students and researchers working in projects and programs at CATIE, and the permanent feedback from those programs into the academic curriculum. 

Professionals and university students with an interest in following an academic and research career can apply to this program. 

Some of our staff also teach courses at the University of Costa Rica, the largest university in this country.

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M.Sc. Program on Economics, Development and Climate Change

Roger Madrigal: rmadriga@catie.ac.cr

Updated: 9 August 2021