Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCOPE) is an EfD collaborative research program aimed to identify leverage points and associated interventions for triggering and enabling transformative changes at the level of consumers, producers, and organizations, thus accelerating diverse transformative pathways towards consumption and production that is in harmony with the natural environment. Such interventions should be sensitive to sociocultural contexts and rights; therefore, collaborative, cross-country research is of the utmost importance. 


Our vision is to become a strong and internationally recognized network of global scholars with frequent cross-fertilization of ideas and mutually reinforcing research methods, contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Consumption and Production from an economic perspective, but with a truly systemic approach toward the design of transformative change in lifestyles, food consumption, waste, and circularity.

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Each person can contribute by implementing responsible consumption practices


The SCOPE collaborative program is managed at EfD Central America with technical support from the University of Gothenburg and senior network members. 

For further information, please contact the analytical coordination team:

Francisco Alpizar

Róger Madrigal

Pablo Evia

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