The Environment for Development (EfD) Global Hub is a special unit at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg, in Sweden. The Global Hub has a decade-long experience in coordinating the EfD global network. Currently it also coordinates PhD programs in Ethiopia and Rwanda with bilateral funding from Sida.

The Global Hub is led by EfD’s Director Gunnar Köhlin. The unit is responsible for the implementation of EfD’s strategic plan. It leads ongoing operations and promotes the development of the network. It also ensures that activities are conducted in areas relevant to EfD’s objectives, and that EfD’s research is of high scientific quality and has potential for policy impact.

Centralized network functions managed by the Global Hub include convening key EfD meetings, leading network communications, providing technical guidance and material for local policy engagement, curating and managing the network’s data, increasing and maintaining linkages with EfD partners, fundraising, and global policy engagement.

A key function for the Global Hub is to act as an incubator for sharing ideas and experiences between EfD centers, EfD Collaborative Programs, its various Committees, the Board and partners, donors and other relevant actors, with the ultimate aim to contribute towards the implementation of evidence-based policy to reduce poverty and gender inequalities, and contribute to sustainable development in the Global South.