EfD reports

Below, you can find a retrospective report on how EfD contributes to change, external evaluation reports of EfD, and EfD's annual reports.

Promoting change - how EfD makes a difference

EfD's researchers are constantly striving to have a positive impact on the development and environment in the Global South. They undertake research that is policy-relevant and interact diligently with stakeholders to contribute to better policies and practices to mitigate the effects of climate change, preserve biodiversity, reduce pollution, improve gender equity, decrease poverty and starvation, and much more. 

EfD's 5-year report covering 2018-2022 presents several inspiring examples of impact stories.

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EfD's External Evaluation Reports

EfD Initiative Evaluation Report 2015-2019

Environmental Economics Program Evaluation 2011-2014


EfD Annual Reports

EfD Annual Report 2017 by center 

EfD Annual Report 2015-2016

EfD Annual Report 2014- 2015

EfD Annual Report 2013-2014

EfD Annual Report 2012-2013

EfD Annual Report 2011- 2012

EfD Annual Report 2010

Updated: 9 November 2023