Collaborative Program on Climate Change and Sustainable Development (3CSD)

EfD is spearheading the creation and launch of a multi-country Collaborative Program in Climate Change and Sustainable Development (3CSD) that will be rolled out to all EfD centers and beyond.

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3CSD targets prospective agents of change and future leaders, who will be equipped with tools to address climate challenges to bring about inclusive sustainable development. 

3CSD involves the development of capacity for (i) people in current critical roles (through on-the-job executive training), (ii) people who will join critical roles in the medium term (through MSc training), and (iii) people who will envision and implement inclusive sustainable development strategies in the long term (through Ph.D. training) while these three cohorts interact with each other.

Courses will specifically be designed to deal with (i) development under a changing climate; (ii) strong focus on leadership skills, collaboration, critical thinking; (iii) program-specific pedagogical training and blended learning; and (iv) continuous South-South-North interaction between students, through cross-nationality classrooms, exercises, and student exchange.

Please note that the program is still under development and does not accept applications yet.

For more information on this program contact:

Edwin Muchapondwa

Updated: 10 March 2022