Research overview

The Southern African policy space faces multiple and competing environmental and resource issues that require input from trained economists. The limited availability of such specialists in Southern Africa has led to the EPRU team becoming involved in a large array of poverty and developmental issues including those relating to wildlife management, fisheries, energy, and water scarcity. 

EPRU’s senior researchers specialize in different fields of research, but with strong areas of overlap related to issues of sustainable development, behavioral change, and ecosystems management. 

Our overarching priority areas relate to:

  1. Energy, water, and waste

  2. Land, living resources, and community wellbeing

  3. Climate change adaptation

For 15 years we have used a range of econometric and experimental methods to conduct rigorous applied research in these areas. In the process, we have generated an extensive repertoire of work and established EPRU as an important Southern African hub for high-quality environmental economics research.

Updated: 3 May 2021