The main objective of this program is to build a pipeline and enhance capacity of women from the Global South to take on research leadership in environmental economics for poverty alleviation. We are building capacity for substantive leadership including serving as principal investigators and mentors within the EfD Network and beyond.

Areas of Contribution

WinEED has so far contributed the following:

  • Workshops on addressing gender barriers to participation in academia and research opportunities.
  • Working document on the intersection of energy access and gender

Ongoing work: we are implementing a comprehensive analysis of female representation in economics and environmental economics in 13 countries in the Global South.


WinEED is a global network with members across all 13 EfD centers and beyond.


Founders: Pamela Jagger and Erin Sills
Research Manager: Rebecca A. Klege
Coordinators: Rocío Moreno and María del Pilar Uribe.