The vision of REES is to be recognized as one of the main research centers in Colombia that will be aligned with national and international needs on sustainable development and environment, being a mentoring group for:

a) Learning in environmental and applied economics of bachelor, master, and Ph.D. students.

b) Stimulating research ideas that become concrete, solid, and robust policy-relevant research projects.

c)Promoting the knowledge usage by other institutions of REES’s research results.

Major areas of contribution

The aim of REES is to contribute with policy-relevant research in the following research lines: protection of natural resources, environmental governance, and impacts of consumption and production activities. 


REES is hosted by CEDE (Center for Economic Development Studies) at the Department of Economics, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia. The Department of Economics was one of the first units created at Universidad de Los Andes in 1948.

The Research Group on Environmental, Natural Resource, and Applied Economics Studies (REES) was created in June 2015 with the purpose of articulating the research agenda of environmental economists from Colombian Universities and enhancing the visibility of their research results.

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