EfD’s Women in Environmental Economics for Development (WinEED) is a network of women economists associated with Environment for Development (EfD) centers around the world. Founded by Drs. Pamela Jagger, Erin Sills, Jo Albers, and Rohini Somanathan, WinEED aims to provide information, resources, and support for academics, at all stages in their careers, in the Global South working at the interface of environment and development research, at all stages of their careers. WinEED was initiated in response to the underrepresentation in senior positions of women economists, with a focus on the unique challenges women face and the value brought in by gender equality.

At the core of the WinEED network are the women economists in EfD centers around the world. Join us to mentor and be mentored, and to identify obstacles and test solutions to increase the involvement of women in applied, analytical research about environment and development.

Please reach out to Manuela Fonseca (m-fonsec@uniandes.edu.co) if you are interested in learning more. 

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Introducing Women in Environmental Economics for Development (WinEED)


WinEED Collaborative at 2019 EfD Annual Meeting in Bogota, Colombia

(WinEED network at EfD's Annual Meeting in Bogota, Colombia in November 2019)


Updated: 18 October 2022