The Environmental Policy Research Unit (EPRU) works to enhance policy-making in the field of environmental and natural resource economics and support sustainable development and poverty reduction in South Africa and Southern Africa.

Based at the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and a regional centre for EfD, EPRU is a leading institution in the field of resource economics in the Global South.

We offer a place for academics and postgraduate students to work together to better understand regional environmental and natural resource issues. 

Our skilled and experienced team specialises in multiple fields of research, with intersections in the areas of sustainable development, behavioural change, and ecosystems management. 

Education and training are central to our mandate and we supervise Masters and PhD candidates, offer scholarships and funding, and provide extensive infrastructural support to students.

Through our outreach efforts we work to inform policy, connect with other specialists, and promote environmental economics to non-specialists.

Water dripping onto open hands
Photo credit: Riccardo Meyer (Shutterstock)