Assessing global aquaculture production systems

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This collaborative program research will be carried out in 8 countries. The major question is: How does a specific sector of aquaculture in a specific country perform in terms of inputs and outputs with respect to the triple bottom line, i.e., environmental, economic or community well-being? The objective is to analyze the relationshups among the Aquaculture Performance Indicators (API) output and input metrics to understand the causes, correlations and paths toward successful and sustainable industry development that can arise from investment in, and changes to, aquaculture policy and practice. The use of the API methodology can give academics, policymakers and industry participans critical information to make a case for better management based on a broader set of criteria incorporating governance and economic factors, many of which are currently being ingored. Data collection comprises different aquaculture sectors. We will produce half a dozen discussion papers with the aim of publishing in an international peer review journal. Keywords: Aquaculture; Food Security; Poverty alleviation; Triple bottom line. 

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Project | 7 December 2023