Lokina, Razack

Razack Lokina is an associate professor of Economics, Deputy Center Director, and Research Fellow at EfD Tanzania. He also lectures in Microeconomics, Environmental, and Natural Resource Economics, Quantitative methods and Econometrics, and Project Appraisal and Planning, and conducts research and consultancy in poverty, resource, and environmental economics. He has now spent about five years working with applications of environmental economics in various aspects. In a previous assignment, he was assigned the responsibilities of a team leader and member of the team in a study on the current allocation of Monitoring, Control, and Surveillance (MCS) resource and placed in the context of the national fisheries (2005). He was also a team member in the study on the Establishment of the Mechanism for Payment of Water Environmental Service in Tanzania. He was involved as a team member in the study of Innovative Approaches to Overcoming Economic, Legal, and Institutional Obstacles to Improved Forest Governance. Currently, he is involved in the study on the Integrated Ecosystem Assessment, which is a global initiative to protect the mountain ecosystem.

Expertise/Research area:

  • Productivity and Efficiency – application of stochastic production function in fisheries
  • Compliance and Governance: With a focus in fisheries
  • Forestry Valuation: Application of contingent valuation method on water resources ; choice experiment on fisheries
  • Forestry – Analysis of the effectiveness of Participatory Forest Management in Tanzania Environmental policy – review of policies in Tanzania.


Curriculum vitae

People | 26 October 2007