Amaechina, Ebele

Ebele Amaechina is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Economics, and  a  Senior Research fellow at the Resource and Environmental Policy Research Center (REPRC), University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She has a Ph.D  in Agricultural Economics with  specialization in the field of Natural Resource and Environmental  Economics. Her special interest in this field is climate change, fisheries, forestry, energy and  water. She has  participated in many  research studies which border on natural resources management, gender, poverty and other developmental issues. She has a three year experience working in  NGO   in the area of Gender, Health and Environment. Dr Amaechina is a member of many national and international professional associations and has presented papers in several conferences. She has published in many international and national peer reviewed journals and contributed to book chapters. She is a Fellow of the African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD).

Research interest

My research  focus is on water, climate change, fisheries, energy and  forest. I mainstream gender in any of these research areas.

Mentoring (PhD students and masters).  I have supervised over five Masters students in the Department of Agricultural Economics.

Grants and consultancy

  1. Coping with water scarcity, preferences and Willingness to pay for water supply in Enugu, Nigeria. EfD/SIDA 2021-2023 Ongoing 
  2. Exploring the Evidence for inward Diffusion of the soil Conservation Practices among farmers   in Nigeria: A spatio-temporal analysis. EfD/ SIDA 2020-2022 Ongoing
  3. Gender Analysis of vulnerability to flood risk in Farming and Fishing Communities of Kogi State EfD/SIDA 2019-2022 Ongoing
  4. Estimation of Participation and Welfare Impacts of  REDD+ Community- Based Pilot Projects in Nigeria. EfD /SIDA Project 2020- 2022  Ongoing
  5. Determinants of Financial Inclusion and Its Impact on Poverty Among Rural Households in Nigeria- Funded by African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) Under the Collaborative Study on Financial Inclusion in Africa, 2017 – Completed
  6. Adding Fuel to the Fish: Perceptions and Adaptability of Nigeria Fisher Folks to Impacts from Climate Change and Petroleum Production - Project being carried out in collaboration with some researcher colleagues in University of Nigeria Nsukka and University of Kiel Germany and funded by Future of Oceans, 2016 – Completed
  7. Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in Riverine Communities of Southern Nigeria. Funded by Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) project was carried out in Collaboration with some research colleagues in University of Nigeria Nsukka. Completed.
  8. Developing a Framework for Agricultural Adaptation to Climate change in Southern Nigeria. 2009 DelPHE/British Council/ DFID Sponsored Institutional Grant. Completed

Policy engagement 

Managing Climate change in post COVID-19 Nigeria: policy Options for Low Carbon Climate -resilient development.  A REPRC Based Activity Involving Minister of State for Environment, other key stakeholders and academia, in collaboration with UNDP.  August 2020.

Climate Smart Agriculture Practices for Food security and Climate Change Mitigation. A RePRC Activity Involving key stakeholders – Commissioners of Agriculture and Environment from Anambra, Abia   Ebonyi, Enugu  and Imo States Nigeria and other key staff of the ministries, farmers  and academia. December 2020

Fishery Performance Indicator for Marine Fisheries and Application of Resource and Environmental Economics knowledge in Economic management in Nigeria. A REPRC Activity involving Fisheries stakeholders from Federal Department of Fisheries, Fishers Associations,  fisherfolk and Academia October 2019

Dissemination of Findings from the Research ‘ Financing and Sustainability of Irrigated Agriculture in the Lower Anambra and Lower Benue Irrigation Projects.  Involving Key staff from Lower Anambra irrigation Project, and Farmers in the Project.  2012

International / national recognition (editorial or advisory boards, awards, etc.)

  • Peter Beck’s Best Discussion Paper Award 2022 for the Project ‘Exploring the Evidence for Inward Diffusion of Soil Practices among Farmers in Nigeria: A Spatiotemporal Analysis’ 
  • Federal Government of Nigeria Scholarship for postgraduate studies  1997/1998



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