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Jorge H. García, Thomas Sterner. 2021. “Economists argue that carbon taxation (and more generally carbon pricing) is the single most…”

13 September 2021 | Peer Reviewed | Colombia, Sweden

Fredrik Carlsson, Mitesh Kataria, Alan Krupnick, Elina Lampi, Åsa Löfgren, Ping Qin, Thomas Sterner, Xiaojun Yang. 2021. “Using identical surveys a decade apart, we examine how attitudes and willingness to pay (WTP) for…”

22 January 2021 | Other Publications | China, Sweden

Cathrine Hagem, Michael Hoel, Thomas Sterner. 2020. “Abstract We analyse two mechanism designs for refunding emission payments to polluting firms: output…”

29 September 2020 | Peer Reviewed | Sweden

Samson Mukanjari, Thomas Sterner. 2020. “Abstract Should the economic recovery from the 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) be green…”

4 February 2021 | Peer Reviewed |

Martin C. Hänsel, Moritz A. Drupp, Daniel J. A. Johansson, Frikk Nesje, Christian Azar, Mark C. Freeman, Ben Groom, Thomas Sterner. 2020.

23 July 2020 | Peer Reviewed | Sweden, Global Hub

Richard Damania, Thomas Sterner, Dale Whittington. 2020. “In this paper we discuss the choice of taxation or regulation of environmental externalities. The…”

27 July 2020 | Peer Reviewed | Sweden, Global Hub

Thomas Sterner, Richard T. Carson, Marc Hafstead, Peter Howard, Sverker Carlsson Jagers, Gunnar Köhlin, Ian Parry, Ryan Rafaty, E. Somanatan, Jan Christoph Steckel, Dale Whittington et al.. 2020. “2015 was a special year. During a few months the political stars aligned and made it possible for…”

4 May 2020 | Peer Reviewed | India, Colombia, China, Vietnam, Sweden, Central America, Global Hub

Jonathan Camuzeaux, Thomas Sterner, Gernot Wagner. 2020. “China and the United States are the two largest emitters of greenhouse gases, making them pivotal…”

5 May 2020 | Peer Reviewed | Sweden

Sterner, Thomas, Damon, Maria, Ostrom, Elinor, H Cole, Daniel. 2019. ““Grandfathering” grants preferential treatment to existing resource users over new entrants based on…”

27 February 2019 | Peer Reviewed | Sweden

Sterner, Thomas, Habla, Wolfgang, Fischer, Carolyn, Johansson-Stenman, Olof, Wagner, Gernot. 2019. “Today, more than ever, ‘Spaceship Earth’ is an apt metaphor as we chart the boundaries for a safe…”

28 January 2019 | Peer Reviewed | Sweden, Global Hub