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Our study demonstrates that forest conservation can serve as a public health investment, enhancing social welfare by mitigating illness and reducing associated healthcare expenditures.

15 April 2024 | Peer Reviewed | Central America

Ecosystem services (ES) are the benefits ecosystems provide to society. These services grant the necessary conditions for sustainable life and influence human well-being in all dimensions.

6 February 2024 | Peer Reviewed | Central America

Abstract Introduction Public perception of the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic compared to six other major public health problems (alcoholism and drug use, HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, lung…

4 January 2024 | Peer Reviewed | South Africa, India, Colombia, China, Ghana, Nigeria, Chile, Vietnam, Sweden, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Central America, Global Hub

The present document seeks to showcase the results of the beef supply chain study for the state of Campeche, Mexico.

11 January 2024 | Report | Central America

This study presents the results of the value chain analysis conducted for the beef supply chain in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

11 January 2024 | Report | Central America

We evaluate whether floods and landslides are more likely when rain falls inside versus outside protected areas (PAs).

13 December 2023 | Peer Reviewed | Central America

Central and South America (CSA) are highly exposed, vulnerable, and strongly impacted by climate change, a situation amplified by inequality, poverty, population growth and high population density...

11 January 2024 | Book Chapter | Central America

The objective of this document is to review, identify, and analyze opportunities for fiscal instruments in the waste management sector in Costa Rica, according to the priorities of the updated...

11 December 2023 | Other Publications | Central America

Global and local stressors have led to rapid declines in coral reef health. The high rates of coral degradation have motivated restoration initiatives worldwide. Evaluation of these initiatives has...

30 November 2023 | Peer Reviewed | Central America

Abstract In cities around the world, COVID-19 lockdowns have significantly improved outdoor air quality. Even if only temporary, these improvements could have longer-lasting effects by making chronic…

27 January 2022 | Peer Reviewed | Colombia, Central America