Soil Conservation Practices and Neighborhood Effects – How Sustained are the relationships?

Research Brief
1 August 2022

Nkechi S. Owoo , Monica P. Lambon-Quayefio , Ebele Amaechina

Key findings

Soil conservation activities (i.e., mixed cropping) in the south-south and northwest regions of the country in 2015 are influenced by a high prevalence of neighbours’ activities in 2012. Similarly, low prevalence of soil conservation activities in the middle belt of the country is correlated with similarly low activity levels of farmers’ neighbours in the preceding period.

Farmers with high (low) legumes cultivation in 2015 were surrounded by other farmers with similarly high (low) cultivation in 2012.

Preliminary evidence therefore suggests that farmers in Nigeria learn from each others’ soil conservation practices. We also find that soil conservation practices in any given year are influenced by soil conservation practices of neighbours in earlier time periods.


Publication reference
EfD Research Brief DP 22-08 RB MS 1270
Publication | 22 August 2022