Åsa Löfgren
Åsa Löfgren. Photo: Jonas Tobin

Åsa Löfgren is running for office at EAERE

The election for the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE) is coming up. This year the members of EAERE are voting for a president and two new members of the council. Åsa Löfgren, a senior research fellow at EfD, is running for a position as a member of the council.

“I felt very honored when I was asked to run for this office,” says Åsa Löfgren.

“EAERE is an important platform for meeting and discussing the latest research within our field as well as an opportunity to engage with policymakers and colleagues from other fields”.

Devoted to research and networking

Åsa Löfgren is well-known to the EAERE network. She was, for instance, the chief operating officer for the 6th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists, WCERE, in 2018 and she was a member of the scientific committee and local organizer committee of the 16th Annual EAERE conference. She is currently a member of the World Council of Environmental and Resource Economists Associations (WCEREA).

She is passionate about research related to climate change and behavioral economics as well as collaboration between researchers and policymakers.

Wants to improve research-policy interaction

“One of the things I worked hard to accomplish during the WCERE in 2018, was to make it an effective arena for interaction between researchers, policymakers, industry and other stakeholders. That was very successful and if I’m elected as a member to the Council, I would like to further develop how our conferences can support policy-researcher interaction,” says Åsa Löfgren.

Voting takes place electronically between June 1st and July 10th. Members of EAERE will be sent detailed information about the voting mechanism at the beginning of June. The results of the elections will be announced in mid-July, 2021. The members of the board will serve for four years beginning in 2022.

If you’re a member – don’t forget to vote!


By: Petra Hansson

More info about Åsa Löfgren
Åsa Löfgren is an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, University of Gothenburg. Her research focuses on climate change and efficient environmental regulation including behavioral aspects and distributional outcomes of climate policies. Löfgren has served as a council member of the Swedish Climate Policy Council tasked with evaluating if the Swedish Government’s overall policy is aligned with the Swedish climate target of no net greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. She is currently a member of the advisory council to the director-general of the Swedish Energy Agency. Löfgren has published her work in international peer-reviewed journals including ERE and REEP, as well as book chapters, policy papers, and reports.

News | 24 May 2021