The Forest Collaborative is a community of practice that aims to generate new knowledge on forests in the global south that can be used to guide conservation, restoration and management. We do that by holding semi-annual meetings that give participants an opportunity to present and get feedback on their research, organizing collaborative research projects, identifying opportunities to secure research funding, and helping to disseminate research by, for example, coordinating special issues of scholarly journals.

Areas of Contribution

Although members of the Forest Collaborative work on a wide array of topics, to date collaborative initiatives have focused on:

  • decentralized forest management, and
  • the nexus between forests and human health.

Forest ecology and local livelihoods are cross-cutting themes.


The Forest Collaborative counts on the participation of all 12 EfD centers: Central America, Chile, Colombia, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Vietnam.


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