Regulatory Compliance in Small Scale Fisheries in Vietnam and Ghana

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In conservation and sustainable fisheries management understanding the motivations of fisher’s non-compliant behavior and developing effective interventions to promote behavioral change is challenging and requires a multifaceted approach. This project aims to provide robust evidence on which interventions can be developed to address illegal fishing in Ghana and Vietnam by integrating estimates of actual non-compliant behavior with measures of the perceptions of compliance motivations and preferences of different interventions designed to achieve higher compliance with fishing regulations in Ghana and Vietnam. A mixed-method approach (including randomized response technique, Compliance Framework, logistic regression model, and Best-Worst Scaling method) is applied to address research problems. The surveys are conducted by face-to-face interviews with selected fishers residing in Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa, and Binh Thuan of Vietnam; and in Keta, Elmina, and Axim of Ghana. The sample size is 300 respondents in each country.

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Project | 5 December 2023