Gender-based Analysis of Impact of COVID 19 Pandemic on Income and Food Security of Households in Nigeria

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COVID-19 pandemic has been described as the worst crisis of global scale since World War II. The effects are more severe in low income countries especially for the women in these countries as it reinforced pre-existing drivers of shocks. To understand and deal with these challenges, there is a need for research evidence on the gender differentials of impact of the pandemic especially on income, and food security. Thus, the research questions are: did female headed households suffer more income loss than male headed households? What was the impact on food security for female and male headed households? What factors were responsible for the disparities if any? The Wave 4 (2018/2019) of the Nigeria General Household Survey Panel data will be used as baseline data, while the Nigeria COVID-19 National Longitudinal Phone Surveys data will serve as post intervention data. Data will be analysed using difference-in difference estimation methods with fixed effects model. The study will provide gender-disaggregated information on impacts on food security and income. Keywords: COVID-19; gender; food security; income; Nigeria.

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Project | 7 December 2023