Estimation of Participation and welfare impacts of REDD+ community-based pilot projects in Nigeria

The objective of the project is to determine   the willingness of the people  to participate in future REDD+ projects and factors that influence participation.  it also aims to estimate the impact of REDD+ on household income and food security, for different gender groups. In order to realize the objectives of this study we have conducted eight focused group discussions in four communities in the state; two participant communities and two counterfactual communities. Gender disaggregated data have been  collected with survey solution from 10 beneficiary communities and 10 non-beneficiary communities. Data have been  analysed using different inferential statistics. At the end of the study, we expect that  the level of participation in REDD+ across different gender groups and the economic benefit of REDD+ intervention and its impact on the livelihoods of households will be known.   The outcome of the study will  guide policy intervention for  future implementation of REDD+ projects  in Nigeria.  

Project status
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Environment for Development initiative
Project | 10 November 2023