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Ifelunini, Innocent


Innocent Ifelunini is a lecturer in Economics at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and a Research fellow at the Resource & Environmental Policy Research Centre, Environment for Development Initiative, Nigeria. He has Master’s (2005) and a PhD (2012) in Development Economics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria. Before joining the University of Nigeria, Innocent worked as a Research Assistant with African Institute for Applied Economics (now African Heritage Institution) and also as a Programme Specialist in the South-East Zone of the Central Bank of Nigeria Entrepreneurship Development Programme.

Research Interest

Innocent’s main research interests include Development Economics-Poverty and Income Distribution, Monitoring & Evaluation, Climate Change, environment and economic growth, plastic Pollution and waste management.  

Mentoring (PhD students and masters)

Graduated 8 Master’s, more than 20 undergraduates. Chair more than 10 and currently supervising 10 Masters students and 5 PhD students

Grants and Consultancy

  • with Chukwuone, N.A, Ukwueze, R.E, Amaechina, E.C, Achike, I.A & Whittington, D. Coping with water Scarcity, preferences and willingness to pay for water supply in Enugu Nigeria. funded by Environment for development initiative (2021)
  • (with Onyekuru, A.N, Chukwuone, N.A, Amaechina, E.C, Ajaero, C. & Sills, E). Estimation of Participation and welfare impacts of REDD+ community-based pilot projects in Nigeria. funded by Environment for development initiative (2021)
  • (with Chukwuone, N.A & Amaechina, E.C). Plastic ban and plastic waste management: Perceptions, Preferences and willingness to pay by resident of Lagos, Nigeria. funded by National Geographic Societies (2020)
  • (with Enebeli-Uzor, S.E). Assessment of Nigeria’s Financial Services Sector Stability and Resilience: Stability and Diversity Index Approaches, funded by African Economic Research Consortium (AERC)
  • (Sole author). Climate Change, Health Perception and Adaptation Measures by Household in Oil-Bearing Communities in Delta State, Nigeria. funded by Open Society Foundation (through African Climate Change Adaptation Initiative Centre, University of Nigeria, Nsukka -2019
  • (with Enebeli-Uzor, S.E). Bank Distress and Failure Predictability in Nigeria (Funded by African Economic Research Consortium, Nairobi Kenya, Grant No. RT 16507-2016).  
  • (with Chukwuone, N.A & Amaechina, E.C).Determinants of Financial Inclusion and Its Impact on Poverty among Rural Households in Nigeria.  Funded by African Economic Research Consortium, Nairobi Kenya, Grant No.RC 16512. 2017
  • (with Agwu, E.A, Amaechina, E.C, Irohibe, I.).Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in Riverine Communities in Southern Nigeria. Funded by Nigeria Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) 2016
  • (with Chukwuone, N.A & Amaechina, E.C). Inclusive Low-Carbon Transitions for Sustainable Development: Nigeria Policy Review. Funded by IDRC Canada 2022





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