Attitudes towards adaptive changes in lifestyles: beliefs and facts

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Unsustainable production and consumption patterns have resulted in climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution, highlighting the urgent need for substantial changes to promote human well-being and sustainability. This study aims to understand public preferences for environmental policies in Costa Rica, India, and Vietnam, focusing on the food, transport, fashion, and waste sectors. The methodology uses an online survey experiment in the mentioned countries to measure public support for hypothetical policies with increasing costs, ranging from behavioral changes to financial and economic costs. To this end, we will run an online survey (n=5,000) on the mentioned countries. Participants will be randomly presented with different scenarios regarding environmental policies and their associated costs, in order to elicit their preferences. The research findings are expected to contribute to global policy processes advocating transformative changes and enhance understanding of sustainable consumption and production patterns in the Global South. Keywords: sustainable consumption and production, lifestyles, trust, public policies.

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Project | 4 December 2023