School children in Colombia
School children in Colombia. Photo: Nowaczyk/Shutterstock

Technology attenuates the impact of heat on learning – Evidence from Colombia

EfD Discussion Paper
1 April 2023

Laura Villalobos, Jullian D. Gomez, Jorge H. Garcia


High temperatures hinder learning. An effective solution is to control the environment. However, technologies such as air conditioning are seldom adopted in developing countries. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are more widely available and could offer an alternative solution by increasing the amount of instruction, allowing the re-allocation of activities, boosting productivity, or improving the quality of instruction. Using data from Colombia, we confirm that heat affects test scores, and we show that ICTs compensate up to 15 percent of this effect when used by teachers to teach and for pedagogic purposes.

Keywords: Weather and learning, Adaptation, Climate Change, Economics of Education, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Developing Country, Computer Programs.

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EfD Discussion Paper 23-06
Publication | 11 April 2023