Workshop participants in a group photo
Workshop participants. Photo: EfD Ghana.

ENRRI-EfD Ghana outlines pathways for sustaining protected forests

ENRRI-EfD Ghana hosted a workshop on the topic: Sustaining protected forests in Ghana for forestry and environment stakeholders. The aim was to share and discuss the findings of a recent study on the depletion of protected forests in Ghana. The workshop was held on 29th October 2021 at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, Accra.

The study by ENRRI-EfD Ghana Senior Research Fellow, Prof Anthony Amoah examined the state of three protected forests in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, providing empirical evidence on the depletion of protected forests.

Presentations and discussions at the workshop identified pathways to ensure the sustainability of protected forests. These entailed: building trust between the forestry-environment sector agencies and the state agencies and the public, raising awareness of the benefits of protected forests, and increasing the quantity and quality of investments towards the development of a viable eco-tourism sector – which plays a vital role in promoting the sustainability and value of protected forests.

Valuable views were presented

The workshop was characterized by free and open discussions around key policy concerns identified in the study. It was facilitated by Dr. Kwami Adanu, and it resulted in numerous viewpoints that proved valuable in enriching the study and fostering ideas for future research.                                                           

“Engaging and integrating the viewpoints of the stakeholders into the research activities of ENRRI-EfD Ghana helps us align our priorities and strengthen our collaborative capacities for greater impact,” summed ENRRI-EfD Director, Prof. Wisdom Akpalu as he thanked participants for attending and participating actively in the workshop.

Comments from the participants

Ivy Lomotey, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

“It was a useful and informative workshop with exciting results. It highlights the importance of trust and ways of achieving increased trust between the public and relevant state institutions towards the shared responsibility of sustaining protected forests.”

Sylvester Koranteng, EPA

“The findings are thought-provoking and the plenary session proved to be very useful. Such discussions will help shape the course of future research and promote research-driven policies to ensure sustainable development of our forests.”

Two participants who shared their impressions on the workshop in a photo
Ms. Lomotey and Mr Koranteng of the EPA. In the background to the right, journalists interview Prof Amoah

Evans Adu-Gyamfi, OctaneDC Research

“The subject presented by Prof. Amoah should be of interest to every young Ghanaian. I was very impressed by the depth of dedication to the study. In the process, I have made new connections here useful for work at OctaneDC.”

Organizations represented at the workshop included: the Forestry Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, and Municipal District Assemblies.

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Report compiled by: Vicentia Quartey, Communications Officer, ENRRI-EfD Ghana


News | 5 November 2021