The CMaR program focuses on the interface between land and ocean and how ecological and social aspects influence vulnerable (women, youth) populations' welfare.  The program aims to provide useful policy advice by having a good understanding of the institutions supporting coastal socio-ecological systems.

Areas of Contribution

The CMaR program contributes to the development of the Global South by performing gender sensitive research on the following areas:

  • Improving waste management
  • Two-way welfare effects of coastal human-environment interaction
  • Asses policies/programs/instruments to achieve more sustainable coastal social-ecological systems (SES) in villages in the developing world.
  • We are empowering stakeholders to act.



Participating countries are India, Tanzania, Chile, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Ghana, South Africa, and Nigeria.


The collaborative program is managed at EfD Central America with technical backstopping from the University of Gothenburg and senior network members.

For further information, please contact the analytical coordination team: 

Francisco Alpizar - Sustainable Management of Coastal Marine Resources 

Hakan Eggert - Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Management