Resilient Food Systems: Urban Farming and Recycled Household Waste

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This study seeks to address the following research question: “What is the impact of urban farming and insect-composted organic fertilizer on food and nutrition security in informal settlements?” Using a sample of 1000 households, this study will use a randomized control trial to estimate the impact of urban farming and recycled household waste on food and nutrition security in Kibera, the largest urban informal settlement in sub-Saharan Africa. The study will include two treatments: (1) multi-storey gardens that are an innovative solution for farming in small spaces, and (2) insect farming involving the use of black soldier flies to recycle household waste for growing vegetables in multi-storey gardens. It is likely that these treatments will improve household dietary diversity, food consumption, income. Keywords: urban farming, insect farming, household waste, food and nutrition security, recycling

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Project | 7 December 2023