Quasi-Experimental Analysis of National Forestry Authority Afforestation Projects in Uganda

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​​Uganda’s forestry cover has been declining over time and this has been worsened by an increasing population size, timber and fuelwood demand across the country and globe. To counter this problem, the National Forestry Authority (NFA) in collaboration with development partners such as World Bank and European Union have implemented a number of afforestation projects aimed at increasing forest cover and enhancing household welfare outcomes in the project areas. It is against this background that this study intends to evaluate the success of these afforestation projects such as those under Sawlog Production Grant Scheme in terms of forest cover, forest conditions and household socio-economic outcomes such as employment, food security and poverty alleviation using the quasi-experimental techniques of propensity matching and difference in difference. The study will utilize both the primary survey data and the secondary data sources and the findings generated will check whether NFA and its partners have achieved their intended objectives or not. Keywords: Afforestation, Household welfare, Difference in difference, Uganda.​ 

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Project | 7 December 2023