Characterization of Women Access, Use, Management and Governance to Land and Water in Latin America and East Africa: A Systematic Review.

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This project aims to scope and characterize the evidence that relates gender equality and natural resources, particularly water and land, in two subregions: Andean Amazon and East Africa countries.
The project will also identify key knowledge gaps from the evidence review and build a dialogue and coordination around the topics studied by establishing a network of researchers in the two sub-regions. The approach used is a triangulation that includes reviews of policy and research documents, systematic reviews of the literature on policy instruments, and datasets available from national surveys and census in each country. This review will incorporate different issues related to water and land, such as access, use, management and governance, and its intersection with gender. By characterizing this relationship, we will address the following research questions: what are the differences in the access, use,
management, and governance of land and water that academia, policymakers, and data have identified between women and men? What are the differences within these subregions in Latin America and Africa? The most important outcome will be a detailed document that characterize this relationship in each subregion Key words: gender, water, land, governance of natural resources, Latin America, Africa. 

This project was approved in 2021.

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Project | 4 October 2023