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Alpízar, Francisco, Slunge, Daniel. 2019. “The Global Chemicals Outlook II – From Legacies to Innovative Solutions: Implementing the 2030…”

11 March 2019 | Report | Sweden, Central America

Slunge, Daniel, Ekbom, Anders, Nyangena, Wilfred. 2014. “Forest tenure reforms are occurring in many developing countries around the world. These reforms…”

15 November 2014 | Book Chapter | Kenya

Slunge, Daniel, Trang, Tran Thi Huyen. 2014. “Building on new institutional theory, this paper develops an analytical framework for analyzing…”

29 September 2014 | Peer Reviewed | Sweden

Drakenberg, Olof, Slunge, Daniel, Ekbom, Anders. 2012. “Climate change and escalating environmental degradation risk becoming key constraints to economic…”

15 September 2012 | Report |

Slunge, Daniel, Loayza, Fernando. 2012. “Climate change and escalating degradation of ecosystem services place the need for greening economic…”

18 June 2012 | Peer Reviewed | Sweden

Axelsson, Anna, Slunge, Daniel, Ekbom, Anders, Loayza, Fernando. 2012. “This professional practice report reflects upon lessons learned from piloting and evaluating an…”

6 June 2012 | Peer Reviewed | Sweden

Slunge, Daniel. 2012. “Recent assessment reports emphasise that the impacts of climate change and escalating environmental…”

15 May 2012 | Report |

Slunge, Daniel, Ekbom, Anders, Nyangena, Wilfred, Loayza, Fernando. 2011. “The Forest Carbon Partnership Facility has recently proposed the application of strategic…”

28 July 2011 | Discussion Paper | Sweden, Kenya

Slunge, Daniel, Loayza, Fernando, Verheem, Rob, Axelsson, Anna. 2011. “Policy makers are under increasing pressure to deliver policies that not only foster employment and…”

6 June 2011 | Policy Brief | Sweden

Slunge, Daniel, Sterner, Thomas. 2009. “The paper reviews the current use of instruments for environmental fiscal reform (EFR) in selected…”

1 May 2011 | Peer Reviewed | Sweden