Urban agriculture
Urban agriculture. Photo: Telvin Muta Denje.

Urban agriculture for an inclusive green economy model in Tanzania

Research Brief
1 December 2022

Byela Tibesigwa, Telvin Muta, Herbert Ntuli

According to the inclusive green economy (IGE) model, no one should be left out of the green economy revolution. To support an IGE approach, the Tanzanian government must develop policies to support urban agriculture ecosystems because, firstly, Tanzania is an agricultural country. Secondly, agriculture provides many benefits for households, such as boosting livelihoods and improving food security. Third, urban agriculture enhances urban biodiversity and produces ecosystem services needed for urban resilience to climate change and increases tree cover which absorbs greenhouse gases. Fourth, it can reduce food prices by shortening the food supply chain and food miles for rural-urban transportation. Finally, urban agriculture offers therapeutic green landscapes to increase well-being. However, access to land remains a major constraint. This study examines the willingness to pay for urban plots for the purpose of crop farming in Dar es Salaam. 

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Publication reference
EfD Research Brief RB-22-19
Publication | 8 February 2023