Proceedings of Collaborative National Workshop on Sustainable Land Management Research and Institutionalization Future Collaborative Research

Discussion Paper

This publication compiles about 23 research papers that were presented on the national conference hosted by Department of Economics of Mekelle University and sponsored by EEPFE, on August 8-9, 2008 at Axum Hotel, Mekelle, Ethiopia.


  1. Keynote Speech: Sustainable Land Management: Research and Policy Challenges'
  2. Development Strategies in Tigrai: Challenges and Opportunities
  3. Challenges in Implementing Sustainable Land Management (SLM) Practices and Rural Development in Tigrai
  4. Experiences of the People Based Soil and Water Conservation (SWC) Program in Tigrai: Processes, Technology Packages and Approach
  5. Prioritization of Micro-Watersheds on the Basis of Soil Erosion Risk in the Source Region of the Blue Nile River Using RUSLE Model, Remote Sensing and GIS: Case Study in the Muga Watershed
  6. Geographical Determinants of the Impacts of Water Harvesting in Ethiopia: Implication for Food Security and Resource Management
  7. Poverty and Inequality Impacts of Agricultural Water Management Technologies in Ethiopia
  8. Estimating Returns to Soil Conservation Adoption in the Northern Ethiopia Highlands
  9. The Impact of Compost Use on Crop Yields in Tigrai, Ethiopia, 2000-2006 Inclusive
  10. Overcoming the Challenges of Parthenium Hysterophorus Weed Through Ecological agriculture in Southern Tigrai
  11. Sustainable Land Management: Identifying the Best Practices
  12. The Economics of Crop Biodiversity in the Highlands of Ethiopia
  13. Sustainable Biodiversity Conservation for Improved Land Management in Ethiopia:Five Decade Analysis
  14. Organic Farming Technologies and Agricultural Productivity: The Case of Semi-Arid Ethiopia
  15. Greening Ethiopia for Food Security
  16. Household Tree Planting in Tigrai: Tree Species, Purposes and Determinants
  17. Implications of Land Titling on Tenure Security and Long-Term Land Investment: Case of Kilte Awela'elo Woreda, Tigrai, Ethiopia
  18. Impacts of Low-Cost Land Certification on Investment and Productivity
  19. Certification and Land Investment: The Case of Tigrai Region, Northern Ethiopia
  20. Adoption of Organic Farming Technologies: Evidence from Semi-Arid Regions of Ethiopia
  21. Rural Household Income Diversification, Poverty and Their Coping Strategies: Asset Base Approaches in Ethiopia the Case from South Eastern Tigrai.
  22. Institutions and Sustainable Land Use: The Case of Forest and Grazing Lands in Northern Ethiopia
  23. Conclusion and Way Forward
  24. Closing Speech
  25. Annex I
  26. Annex II
  27. Annex III


Publication reference
"Sustainable Land Management Research and Institutionalization of Future Collaborative Research", Mekelle University, Environmental Economics Policy Forum for Ethiopia, and Ethiopian Development Research Institute, 8-9 August, 2008, Mekelle
Publication | 31 May 2012