Funding Inclusive Green Transition through Greenhouse Gas Pricing

Peer Reviewed
30 April 2020

Thomas Sterner, Richard T. Carson, Marc Hafstead, Peter Howard, Sverker Carlsson Jagers, Gunnar Köhlin, Ian Parry, Ryan Rafaty, E. Somanatan, Jan Christoph Steckel, Dale Whittington et al.

2015 was a special year. During a few months the political
stars aligned and made it possible for the international
community to agree on the Agenda 2030
for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement
to limit global warming. Now the signatories need to
find ways to implement these agreements, which not
only imply a deep decarbonization of the economy but
must also meet the Sustainable Development Goals.
In this article we discuss the importance of pricing
greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions2 to make this happen.
Climate abatement is a truly global public good
and so we actually have to have a functioning policy
in all countries. Our interest is thus on pricing in all
countries but in particular the developing countries
that are bigger and most crucial to the struggle for
a green transition.

Sustainable Development Goals
Publication | 4 May 2020