Kacker, Kanishka

Short Bio

Kanishka Kacker is an Assistant professor in the Economics and Planning unit, Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Delhi. He is the Deputy Centre Head, CECFEE. His main interests are in energy and applied industrial organization as well as development. Prior to ISI, he was a consultant for the World Bank in Washington DC where he worked in three global practices: Poverty and Equity, Education and Governance. Kanishka has a PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics in the University of Maryland, College Park. 

Research interests

Energy, environment.


  • Pankaj Kumar (PhD Student, Indian Statistical Institute)
  • Rithish Reddy (Masters' Student, Indian Statistical Institute), Khushi Kanojia (Masters' Student, Indian Statistical Institute).
  • I usually advise two masters' students every year so I am only including the ones I am advising this year. There are four others across previous years: Tanvi Garg, Chetna Ahuja, Tejaswini Tabhane, Ritesh Singh.

Grants and consultancy

  • $18345, EfD: Transportation and Air Pollution Collective; with Jie-Sheng Tan-Soo (National University of Singapore), Jorge A. Bonilla (Universidad de Los Andes), Ping Qin (Renmin University of China) 

Policy engagement

Contributed toward a presentation on economic instruments to lower emissions, that was presented by Prof E. Somanthan to the Ministry of Finance.

People | 3 October 2018