Fisheries Management for Food Security and Poverty Eradication: The case of small-scale fisheries in Vietnam

Research Brief
1 May 2024

Quach Thi Khanh Ngoc, Bui Bich Xuan, Pham Khanh Nam

Research questions: 

What is the contribution of small-scale fisheries in Vietnam in promoting food security and alleviating poverty among fishing households? 

What potential do fisheries management measures have to reduce poverty and improve food security?


Key Messages 

  • Small-scale fisheries in Vietnam have greatly contributed to the well-being of fishing households, increasing both income and food security. However, some fishing households still face challenges concerning food security and poverty. 
  • Fisheries may not improve the overall living standards of fishers substantially, due to over-fishing and resource degradation. 
  • Policies should be formulated to conserve fisheries resources, safeguard the fundamental human rights of vulnerable fishing households, and ensure the effective distribution of benefits from common pool resources, thereby promoting sustainable ecosystems and economically sound fisheries. 


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Publication reference
EfD Research Brief RB_MS_958
Publication | 28 May 2024