Factors influencing the adaptation of farmers in response to climate change: a review

Peer Reviewed
12 January 2019

Hoa Le Dang, Elton Li, Ian Nuberg, Johan Bruwer

This paper aims to review empirical studies regarding factors influencing farmers’ adaptation to climate change and document those factors in a systematic manner. Adaptation to climate change is an important research topic, especially in agriculture, a sector reliant on climate-sensitive resources. Several studies have examined the adaptation issues and identified factors that influence the adaptive responses of farmers in specific contexts or regions. However, little research effort has been paid to collecting and categorizing those factors. Whilst a number of demographic, socio-economic, technological, cultural and psychological factors, and resources have been reported, the use of social, cultural and psychological factors remains relatively limited. The review provides useful knowledge for future research on factors affecting farmers’ adaptation to climate change. It highlights the importance of a series of factors, including both socio-economic and psychological considerations, in explaining farmers’ adaptive responses. It is also a relevant reference for planning effective adaptation strategies in the agricultural sector.

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Dang, H. L., Li, E., Nuberg, I., & Bruwer, J. (2019). Factors influencing the adaptation of farmers in response to climate change: a review. Climate and Development, 11(9), 765–774. doi:10.1080/17565529.2018.1562866

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