Ego-relevance in team production

Peer Reviewed
20 December 2022

César Mantilla, Zahra Murad

We study how individuals’ effort contribution to a team production task varies depending on whether the task is ego relevant or not. We conduct an experiment to test the effect of ego-relevance when the team production depends on the team’s top- or bottom-performer. Ego-relevance is manipulated by calling the Raven IQ Test an “IQ Task” or a “Pattern Task.” We find that the effort contributed to the task is affected by ego-relevance and the impact of the team production function on effort contribution is mediated by the teammate’s expected effort contribution. Ego-relevance increases the responsiveness to the teammate’s expected effort contributions. Similarly, more responsive behavior is noticeable when the team production depends on the bottom-performer. However, we do not observe interaction-effects between ego-relevance and the team production function that affect effort contributions.

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Publication reference
Mantilla, C., & Murad, Z. (2022). Ego-relevance in team production. PLOS ONE, 17(12), e0279391.
Publication | 24 March 2023