Beef supply chain in the state of Campeche, Mexico

28 October 2023

The present document seeks to showcase the results of the beef supply chain study for the state of Campeche, Mexico.

Gamboa, A., Escobedo, A., Acuña, S. , Pérez, E., Sepúlveda, C.

The beef production chain in Campeche consists of five links: a) inputs, b) production, c) collection, d) transformation, and e) commercialization. On the other hand, this study reveals a series of bottlenecks and limitations within the sector, which, being a production chain, are more commonly found in the primary links, such as the lack of price regulation, investment, technology, and associativism, among others. Nevertheless, the sector also presents opportunities, including the adoption of productive models with sustainable practices and technologies promoted through the project, differentiated markets for sustainable producers, and guaranteed traceability, among others. 

Publication | 11 January 2024