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Gamboa Chavarría, Anthony

Anthony is a technical expert on Sustainable Agribusiness. He holds a degree in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, from the University of Costa Rica (UCR) and a master's degree from CATIE in Management of Agribusiness and Sustainable Markets. Currently, he is pursuing a specialization in Corporate Finances, from the ADEN International Business University. 

His experience focuses on research and social action with an emphasis on the formulation and evaluation of projects, preparation of technical reports, and the analysis and management of databases. He also has experience in the management of quantitative and qualitative tools, studies, and marketing pools. 

Other qualifications include the elaboration of studies of productive and business-inclusive value chains, and the development of fieldwork to apply surveys and interviews. Also, he knows the management of the business. 

In the past, Anthony worked in the development of different studies and projects, in public institutions from the agricultural sector of Costa Rica, such as the Rural Development Institute (INDER, by its Spanish acronym), the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG, by its Spanish acronym), the National Council of Production (CNP, by its Spanish acronym), among others. 

Research Interests

Anthony's research interests focused on productive chains, value chains, marketing studies, agribusiness economics, financial and enterprise management, and inclusive business. 


As part of his support to the master's program in Agribusiness Management and Sustainable Markets, Anthony has guided two students in their final academic projects as the main supervisor, and five other students have received his support as secondary supervisor. 

Grants and consultancy

In 2019, the University of Costa Rica granted him a scholarship to participate in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the seminar about the design and production of learning objects, organized by the National University of La Plata (UNLP).




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