Poster presentation at the Wallace Conference
Pablo Evia, manager of the SCOPE Collaborative Program, explained the information of the poster to different people during the Wallace Scientific Conference. Picture: Marianela Argüello L.

EfD Central America and SCOPE were showcased at the Wallace Conference

The VIII edition of the Wallace Scientific Conference: Transforming Food Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean was held from May 31 to June 3, offering a visibility space for EfD Central America and the Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCOPE) Collaborative Program. 

Pablo Evia, manager of the SCOPE Program, participated with a poster titled Entry Points for Sustainable and Healthy Diets. 

"This joint work with Roger Madrigal, Director of EfD Central America, focused on developing a framework that facilitates a significant and positive transition towards healthier and more sustainable diets," said Pablo Evia. 

Also, the primary objective was to comprehend the diverse choices accessible to policymakers and assess the potential advantages and disadvantages of various policy options. Therefore, the authors examined the interactions and mutual influences among these policies, identifying areas of conflict as well as where positive outcomes could be achieved. 

"The ultimate aim was to support policymakers in making well-informed decisions regarding the most effective strategies to foster positive changes in the food system." 

Pablo Evia mentioned that this type of exposure helps position the collaborative program in the scientific community and among different actors and researchers that participated in the event. 

Share information about EfD and SCOPE

During the three days of the conference, more than 60 researchers presented the results of their work in the poster presentation sessions established each day under one of the six thematic sessions. 

Also, nearly 10 booths were shown to share information about the research efforts and projects of the Tropical Agriculture Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE). One of these booths belonged to EfD Central America and the SCOPE Program. 

EfD booth at the Wallace Scientific Conference
The booth was a space to share information about the work of EfD and its programs. Picture: Marianela Argüello L.

"The booth represented a great opportunity to give visibility and share information about EfD, as well as sharing brochures or the most recent scientific publications," said Marianela Argüello, Communication officer for EfD Central America. 

Besides the poster presentation by Pablo Evia, Adriana Escobedo, and Anthony Gamboa, junior researchers of EfD Central America, presented posters titled Market Opportunities and Impact of COVID-19 on Short Supply Chains of Agroforestry Products in Costa Rica, and Market Opportunities and Impact of COVID-19 on Short Supply Chains of Agroforestry Products in Nicaragua. 


In numbers, the Wallace Scientific Conference gathered nearly 170 people from 20 countries, and more than 60 organizations were represented, among them, EfD. Likewise, 12 high-level speakers shared their knowledge during the three days of the Conference, among them Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, CEO of the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), Erle Ellis, Professor of Geography and Environmental Systems at the University of the Republic, Uruguay. 

Written by: Marianela Argüello L.

News | 28 June 2023