6 PhD positions and 1 postdoc position coming up – seeking expressions of interest

April 2023: New research project led by several research institutions in Germany: A social-ecological systems approach to inform ecosystem restoration in rural Africa

Ecosystem restoration is a global challenge. The German Research Foundation is funding a new research project that will investigate the social and ecological consequences of ecosystem restoration in rural Africa, with a particular focus on western Rwanda, and in collaboration with many Rwandan stakeholders.

4 April 2023

Postdoc on dynamics of interconnected crises in the global economy and the environment

The program Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere (GEDB) is advertising up to two 2-year postdoc positions, on the topic of understanding how multiple shocks (social, economic, and environmental) combine to create global systemic crises. Of special interest is the mediating role of human-environment interactions and how shocks are transferred, absorbed, and linked together across space, time, and sectors of society.

16 March 2023

Self nomination at J-PAL

J-PAL has opened a self-nomination process for invited researchers  Deadline to apply is June 30, 2023.


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Invited researchers are an important element of J-PAL’s effort to increase the number of high-quality randomized evaluations providing actionable insights on the most effective approaches to reduce poverty and improve lives worldwide.

8 March 2023

Research Associate at the University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow offers a 2-year postdoc position, working with Nick Hanley. The project studies the effects of natural sounds (bird song) on mental well-being, and people’s willingness to pay for enhancing biodiversity.

They are working with ecologists at the University of East Anglia and environmental psychologists at the University of Surrey.

7 March 2023

Postdoctoral Position, RWI – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research

RWI – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research is an independent, non-profit research institution in Essen, Germany. The institute is a leading center for scientific research and evidence-based policy advice in Germany. RWI’s newly founded Policy Lab “Climate Change, Development and Migration” conducts research on environmental policies, labor markets, and migration in the Global South as well as economics of immigration in the Global North.

27 February 2023

Researcher in environmental economics - research management, EfD Global Hub

The University of Gothenburg tackles society’s challenges with diverse knowledge. 56 000 students and 6 600 employees make the university a large and inspiring place to work and study. Strong research and attractive study programmes attract scientists and students from around the world. With new knowledge and new perspectives, the University contributes to a better future.

20 February 2023