GBSN Beyond 2024: Save the Date!

Event Information

Wednesday 6 November — Friday 8 November, 2024
Universidad de Los Andes School of Management



Mark your calendars for November 6-8 as we bring together thought leaders, industry experts, and visionaries from around the globe to explore the future of business education, sustainability, and inclusive growth. Join us in Bogotá, Colombia for our flagship event, GBSN Beyond hosted by Universidad de los Andes School of Management.

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Empowering People, Embracing Planet, Imagining Possibilities

Placed in the dynamic administrative and business capital of Colombia, GBSN Beyond 2024 is about the innovative work of business and management schools to unlock the power of people within the planetary boundaries for more inclusive, innovative and sustainable growth, especially in low- and middle-income countries. The conference is hosted by Universidad de Los Andes School of Management, which is situated in the heart of Bogotá and an established leader with impact in the whole region.

The conference builds on Latin America’s remarkable strengths, such as a young and highly entrepreneurial population, extensive biodiversity and natural riches, and advantages in renewable power generation, improvements in income distribution and remarkable digital connectedness. These strengths position the region to play an important role in the global transformation towards more responsible economic growth. But there are also important challenges to address, including long-standing income inequalities, lagging productivity, low workforce participation by women, expansive health and technological divides, an undeveloped industry and innovation ecosystem, and more.

These opportunities and challenges form an impressive and compelling backdrop for participants to consider important questions for their work. What are emerging areas of focus for leading business and management schools in contributing to economic growth that empowers more people, in harmony with our planet? How are business schools transforming themselves and working together and across sectors to prepare people to build better organizations for our future? In what ways are organizations like GBSN assisting schools to make a bigger difference at home as well as abroad by connecting across borders?

Event | 2 April 2024