Academic title
Postdoc researcher

Ek, Claes

Claes Ek is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics at the University of Gothenburg. He received his Ph.D. in Economics in 2016 at Lund University and did a Wallander postdoc in 2019-2021.

Research interests

Claes’s research interests are in environmental and behavioral economics, applied econometrics, and public economics. Ongoing projects include field experiments on household waste and recycling behavior, e.g., applying norm-based feedback analogous to the well-known Home Energy Reports in the waste domain. He has also done research on the issue of within-individual spillovers across prosocial activities, for instance in response to a policy meant to encourage one particular such activity. Another project relates to power calculations for experiments with panel data, including cluster-randomized field experiments. 

Grants and consultancy

  • Using impure altruism to promote pro-environmental behavior Formas, 2023-2026. 3.9 million SEK (1e ≈ 10 SEK). Application co-author, PI.
  • Benefits of temptation? Self-control, self-esteem, and economic choice Torsten Söderberg Foundation, 2019-2021. 282,500 SEK. Application co-author, co-PI.
  • Does children’s involvement in the waste process influence households’ waste levels? Formas, 2019-2021. 2.9 million SEK. Co-PI.
  • Does children’s involvement in the food waste process influence households’ waste levels? Formas, 2018-2021. 5.1 million SEK. Co-PI.
  • A large-scale field experiment at household level to investigate if information about social norms can reduce the amount of household waste. Formas, 2017-2019. 5.3 million SEK. Co-PI.

Curriculum vitae

People | 29 April 2020