Fishing for Insurance Among Small-Scale Fisheries in Ghana

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Many international and national programmes seek to promote insurance for disaster risk reduction in developing countries including Ghana. Despite these programmes, the uptake of weather insurance for disaster risk reduction has generally been low in these countries. In recent years, several behavioural and design innovations have been developed to increase the demand for insurance. The proposed study seeks to evaluate these innovations in insurance to inform climate change adaptation policies and contribute to reducing natural and human-induced risks among Small-Scale Fisheries. Specifically, the study will explore the extent to which work-for-insurance will contribute to reducing moral hazards and adverse selection in demand for insurance. A survey including a choice experiment will be combined with stakeholder workshops for this study. In total, we will interview 1000 respondents in four coastal regions of Ghana (i.e. Volta, Greater Accra, Central and Western Regions). Two scientific papers together with research briefs and primary dataset will be produced. 

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Project | 6 December 2023