Climate-related Risks and Sustainable Cage Fish Farming in Vietnam and Uganda

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Aquaculture is an important alternative for capture fisheries, which have experienced over-exploitation and fish stock degradation. While cage fish farming has widely been practised in Vietnam and Uganda, it is increasingly being affected by climate-related risks. The project aims to explore cage fish farmers’ risk perception and risk preference, analyse factors affecting risk perception, and identify the determinants of farmers’ adaptation decisions to climate-related risks. We will survey 900 selected cage fish farmers in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, and the landing sites of Victoria Lake, Uganda. Factor analysis, choice experiment, multiple regression and multivariate probit models will be used. The findings are expected to provide scientific-based evidence on cage fish farmers’ risk perception and risk preference, factors affecting their risk perception, and the determinants of their adaptation to climate-related risks, which can help develop effective policies to secure farmers’ livelihoods and sustain cage fish farming in the two countries.

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Project | 6 December 2023