Small-scale fishing communities in the Colombian Caribbean: New insights for development and sustainability

Research Brief
1 December 2021

Jorge Higinio Maldonado, Rocío del Pilar Moreno-Sánchez, Myriam Elizabeth Vargas-Morales, Emilio Leguízamo

•  Small-scale fisheries play an essential role in food security for both fishing and non-fishing households.

•  Small-scale fisheries play a double role in fishing households: household consumption and income generation.

•  Livelihood diversification, including fishing for a variety of species and income-earning activities by household members in addition to the head of household, is key for diversifying risk and allowing households to meet their consumption needs year-round.

•  Fishing communities face significant restrictions in access to financial markets, jobs, and education.

•  Although fishing households are better off than non-fishing ones in terms of income, they exhibit much lower education and literacy.

Publication reference
EfD Research Brief MS 1263, DP 21-12
Publication | 16 December 2021