Regional difference in land tenure security in Uganda

Peer Reviewed
10 January 2024

This study aimed at analyzing regional differences in land tenure security using 2019 AIDA project cross-sectional data set. The study found that Kanungu (South-Western region) had higher levels of tenure security in terms high land documentation, unconditional ability to sell/mortgage land, perceived security of land access and lower levels of past land conflicts compared to Nakasongola (Central region) and Nwoya (Northern region).

Teddy Triza Nakanwagi, David Mwesigye Tumusiime, Michael Bruce Byaruhanga, Patrick Byakagaba, Bernard Bashaasha

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Publication reference
Nakanwagi, T. T., Tumusiime, D. M., Byaruhanga, M. B., Byakagaba, P., & Bashaasha, B. (2021). Regional difference in land tenure security in Uganda. SSRN Electronic Journal.
Publication | 10 January 2024