Rational and efficient energy use programs in Non-Interconnected Zones in Colombia: a system dynamics analysis

Discussion Paper
27 September 2021

Juan F. García-Franco, Sandra X. Carvajal-Quintero, Santiago Arango-Aramburo


SDG 7, “affordable and clean energy,” is a major challenge for developing countries such as Colombia, where there has been a push to increase coverage with very high costs. This phenomenon has diminished the rational use of energy and energy efficiency, and there is a lack of energy policies for Non-Interconnected Zones (NIZ). This study analyzes the implementation of energy efficiency programs for NIZ communities and proposes investments focused on replacing old/inefficient appliances. It also proposes training the population to improve consumption habits and decrease the demand for electricity and reduce the amount of subsidies the government grants to the NIZ. The model was implemented using the system dynamics methodology with a 20-year time horizon, and the analysis includes load censuses, the amount of subsidies, operating costs, fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions. Simulations show that considerable reductions in the demand for electrical energy can be achieved with a temporary increase in subsidies to implement energy efficiency programs, generating a decrease in the use of diesel fuel and less CO2 emissions. The measures also lead to improving network conditions and reducing operating costs in communities. This model can become a tool for government entities to evaluate new subsidies aimed at reducing operating costs in these areas.

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García-Franco, J. F., Carvajal-Quintero, S. X., & Arango-Aramburo, S. (2021). Rational and efficient energy use programs in Non-Interconnected Zones in Colombia: a system dynamics analysis. Energy Efficiency, 14(7). doi:10.1007/s12053-021-09989-2

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Publication | 7 October 2021